Serendipity Do Dah, Serendipity Yay!

I’m not a slug, but sometimes Lambchop’s need to be industrious makes me feel like one.  Then I pop another diet coke, pour a glass of wine or remember I’m making her dinner and get over it.   She was cleaning the garage a few Saturdays back.  We often disagree about the garage. She believes it should be well manicured, neat and a place guests will inspect to render judgment;   I think a bit of clutter and disorganization isn’t a crime and if people want to judge me based on my garage, they would be better off visiting my mother.  But, if she wants to straighten, I’m going to let her.  The only risk is when she gets “throw away happy.”  But that’s a small risk at this point.

I was watching some very important television (probably the Cooking Channel or the MLB Network) when she summoned me the garage.  Honey-dos, here they come.  She had found some clothes that “got waylaid on their way to Goodwill.”  I looked in the bag and yes indeed, there was the hideous Denim Jacket I bought on ebay in sad case of bad decision making.  I blessed the bag fit for donation, turning to walk away when she said, “and the other box.”  I guess baseball could wait.  To my surprise, that box was not for Goodwill.

My weight has fluctuated a few times.  I’ve never been skinny, but I have been what the surgeon general might call semi-morbidly obese.  You know, when you HAVE TO shop at the big and tall store (the place for fat people.)  I’ve lost some weight this past year.  A bit more exercise, smaller portions and less ice cream and Doritos.  I recently bought a shirt that was an XL instead of XXL; it had been a while since that happened.  Still, my mental image is of being fat.  Or as I once said to Lambchop, “Cuddly and fun.”  I guess I’d made some progress.

I opened the box to find several of my XL shirts that I’d packed when we moved.  It must come as no surprise that I like nice clothes.  It’s hard to part with expensive shirts just because I like food.  In that box were some of my favorites, but out of circulation for more than three years.  Out of my closet for almost two.  On a whim I tried one on.  Damn, it fit. It was like a $2500 wardrobe makeover (or expansion) for free!  It was definitely serendipitous that Lambchop chose to move and open that box.

Serendipity has always been one of my favorite words.  As a young teen I stumbled on a cheesy TV show called “The New Serendipity Singers.”  I recall they had some cute young things singing and dancing and stuff and things.  And some guys I ignored.  Clearly, there had to have been the “old’ Serendipity Singers too.  So yes, I needed to look up the word (and the group – hello library).  I’m really not much for poppy folk music (Puff *cough* the Magic Dragon excepted), but the word always stuck with me.

     ser·en·dip·i·ty  [ser-uhn-dip-i-tee] noun

     1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
     2. good fortune; luck

 If I had to make a top 10 word list, serendipity would be on it.  Who doesn’t want good fortune?  Not me. I always want to be lucky.  My father drilled into me that he’d always “rather be lucky than good.”  And my father is forceful and repetitive.  That saying is burned deep into my memory.  I always thought there should a roller coaster called Serendipity.  If you try, you can say it like a climb, pause, steep fall and gentle rise, going fast.  It can sound like a roller coaster. And like  luck, that makes me smile. I think by adding serendipity to my vocabulary, I’ve increased my luck.

The other day I got an email from a wine club I belong to needing an update on my credit card. I had forgotten to update them when a new card was issued.  Then I missed call from the wine country and my cell phone’s voicemail was inaccessible from work (concrete buildings do that) . Damn.  I know I need to call, but their hours are wonky and I was feeling guilty.  A few moments later I got an email from a different winery.  They had called.  They had .. .oh hell, let’s hear it from them:

This year, we began a new program to reward our [edit] most loyal      club members. Twice per year, we will conduct a ‘drawing’ or lottery with prizes awarded to the six club members. We just conducted our first drawing, and I am  happy to inform you that you are one of our winners! You have won Dinner for 4 at Bouchon Bistro!! … We will  also provide you with a bottle of Hartwell wine to take to dinner!

Wow!  Consider this an unsubtle plug for Hartwell Vineyards. Great wine and now great gifts! I was stunned in a good way.  I was almost walking on air as my good luck continued.  Serendipity is my new girl friend.  I haven’t won a Maserati, a Mucholloch Chainsaw or a baby’s arm holding an apple and it’s ok . I’m not complaining; I’m being obscure.  I was flying high, serendipitously.  And like Ron Popeil said, “But wait! There’s more!” 

The next day, my contract was extended.  Ambigously.  Not a month or two.  I was assigned to drive three projects that could go on for 3, 6, 9, months.  Or so I hope.  The new economy, with its disposable workforce mentality, makes me nervous.  Especially now that I can reach out and touch 50. Perhaps, serendipitously I can keep meeting people who value experience and talent over the generic cost savings of younger workers.  The way the week went, it looks like I might.

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  1. Ann

     /  May 18, 2012

    Doesn’t exactly suck to be you, does it? 😉


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