A Whole Lot of Nothing

I have been a bit remiss in keeping my blog up to date.  I have had a ton to say, but not the desire to say it.  Generally topics like work and personality quirks in people I know make wonderful blog fodder, but are hell on relationships and employment.  I have had a ton of stuff going on.  Some highs and some lows.  And a dash of confusion.

Lambchop challenged me to write a novel.  I have a concept. I have some thoughts.  I probably should dedicate an hour a day to it.  I haven’t and I probably won’t.   but I might.

On a separate note, I dragged her to see Marillion at the Fillmore.  Wow.  Even if you didn’t know them (which she didn’t), it was clear that Steve Hogarth owns the stage.  Lambchop thought they sang a lot of power ballads.  This was not your mother’s prog band.  But damn they were good.

We spent a lovely few hours with Bryan Appleton in his workshop.  Damn this guy makes great furniture.   While we were there ostensibly to design the console table our entryway calls out  for, this case spoke to us.  It will have books and tchotchkes and look stunning in the house. (Side note: the urban dictionary is considered tasteless and blocked at work.)

We went for a table.  We left with an order for 3 pieces to be made and that case.  I think the Monkey will be happy with a desk made from a bowling lane.  Check out his stuff. He’s good and affordable.  He deserves to be very much more popular than he is.  I think you’ll be blown away when I post pictures of the pieces being made.

Meanwhile, my tomatoes are growing like you wouldn’t believe.  Luckily I was gifted a ton a basil and the crisis that could be will be averted.  On the other hand, my succulent problem was out of hand this weekend.  I bought tons, planted them and repotted others.  I mean how long could I keep plants around in the plastic containers they came from the nursery in?   One was actually falling over.

I think my next post will be a photo blog.  Few words. Lots of pictures.

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