My Day In Pictures

Saturday starts with coffee.  It is generally a french press, rather than the drip coffee we have on weekdays.  Today it was Major Dickason’s Blend from Peet’s.  Lambchop insists on her Tinkerbell mug on the weekends.  It is her ritual.

All the plants get watered on Saturday.  My succulents only get watered once per week, while the tomatoes and roses get watered every day.  After this small cactus lost its flowers, it gained several babies.  This is in a pot put together by friend Jo.

I am very fond of most of my plants.  This small pot currently tops the list of those that make me happy.  It’s a melange of small soft plants and one tall one.  I found the duck and older bottle recently.  These 3 items make a nice set.

I have also been playing with plants in old soda boxes.  The 7 -up  box will ultimately be staged vertically.

My friend Anne gave me lots of Basil for my birthday, in an effort assuage my fears of an extreme shortage when my tomatoes ripen.  I’ve been liberally taking from them, so I’m not worried about the rest of the summer.  These babies are growers.

And then on to the tomatoes.  There are 9 plants and all are various heirloom varieties.  Roma, beefsteak and the other varieties you get at the grocery store have nothing on these.   All are doing  so well.

When this plant eventually bears fruit, it will be an explosion of tomatoes.

I can always tell when the gardener comes.  His assistant always moves Clementine and Clara.  He rarely puts them back when he’s done.

But I do.  For the record, they are Lambchop’s pets.

We planted the apple tree just over a year ago, and now we have almost 3 dozen apples getting ready for us to eat.

The cacti are also doing well.  I”m never sure what to make of this one.

Later we went to the nursery.  I didn’t take any pictures there, but this is what happened when a car cut me off.

but I cleaned it up and we went to the store.  You can see the cactus, jumped from its pot, lying in wait of rescue.   In the store I was thinking, ” I hope this is the last time I have to pick something up from here this summer.”

We bought stuff for fish tacos — Lambchop had caught lots of fresh fish on the Monday and her highness demanded fish tacos on Saturday.  Ok, perhaps I embellished a bit, but she caught 17 fish!

We went home and I promptly fixed the Cactus disaster.  You’ll see my verticals in the back, rooting and the rogue cactus sitting in the green pot incognito.  Lambchop has named this cactus  Dolerous Edd. or DE for short.  Last night she decided the cactus should be called Greyworm.  That’s why WordPress has an edit function.

After significant laziness watching HGTV (who’d have thought it would come to this?) it was time to start on the fish tacos.  First up fresh Pico de Gallo.

I didn’t realize the cilantro and jalapenos were so shy.  But, the finished product is always gorgeous.

 I made fresh Guacamole, and a beer batter for the fish.  Indeed they were great.  Fresh fish is so much better than what we get in the store.

We ate.  We did dishes.  Nothing else was picture worthy.  The end.

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