Stuff and Things: Year 1 or so

May 7, 2012 is a day that shall live in infamy.  That was the day I published my first blog post.  Here I am 201 days later, still writing.  I have posted 50 entries –that about 1 every 4 days.  Yes sometimes I go a week or two and sometimes post 4 days in a row, but I guess that’s not too bad.  My muse is fickle.

I started on this journey to try and unlock some hidden creativity.  I should have known that at 50, there was not much left to mine; that which wanted out, was already out.  I realized one night, after listening to David Sedaris (no, he is not Amy’s husband, he is her brother) I could so something similar.  I’d never make a living at it, but perhaps I could make a few people smile or change the world positively in some small manner.  Nevertheless, with Lambchop’s encouragement I wandered down this oh so crooked path.  It is indeed crooked and treacherous.

Sometimes I have some great material to write and I stuff it away, afraid of the feeling I might hurt or the actions others would rather not be written down.  I realize my world view is narrow.  More often than not I have to find ways to incorporate my love of music, rather than just simply writing about it and boring you all to tears.  (Did I move any of you to cue up Death of Clown or David Watts?  I thought not, and I’m not hurt. Much)

Employment has proven a great source of grist for the mill.  I work in nice place with some wonderful people.  I have also worked with some seriously unlikable folks.  They were very clearly related In a few dark posts this summer.  It got worse before it got better and I stayed away from certain events and reactions mostly for potential legal reasons.  Catch me in a bar, we’ll have drinks and stories.  We all know what goes on the internet stays on the internet right?  I still can’t believe that ugly motherfucker called me a layman, which was only the tip of the iceberg.  I still hide my complete disdain in the office.  More often than not, my role is to be the adult, to model correct behavior and mentor people.  Its harder than herding cats, believe it or not.

Lately, I’ve written about the health issues of my son and my reactions.  It has been hard to live with, yet helpful to let some of it out her, where I can tear up while write, rather than break down in private or in public (which I constantly fear.)  I often wonder if I give out too much information – either about my son or my inner fears and feelings.  I know most of you don’t see me as the bad ass mf that Lambchop tells me I am in jest.  It’s ok, I don’t see myself as one either.  But I play one in public.  Mostly.

In Risky Business, Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Morney made trains sexy to ride.  I think my expose of travels on BART have frightened a few of you.  It is actually quite nice, but writing, “I had a pleasant trip and cute lady sat next to me,” would be the death knell of my small home here on the web.  I believe more of you want to hear about the guy that looked and smelled like a Walrus or the Junkies and Ghouls I see.  It is far less frequent, but so much more interesting.  I posted a longer fiction piece about one such trip in November.   It was 95% true, with very little embellishment.

I’ve even learned to market this blog a tad.  You can find it on twitter or Facebook.  That generally gets me 20-40 views (so much for 1100 followers on twitter, right? Lol.)  But throw in a little Game of Thrones (or ASOIAF as the hardcore fans call it) and mention a prominent artist who will gladly give a shout and 40 becomes 400.  That’s ok, I don’t do this for the money or the acclaim.  I’ve no illusion that my blog will become the Julie and Julia.  It just gives me an outlet to be clever, perhaps move a few of you and to write.

Most of you know I have degrees in Math and Finance. I’ve always been a numbers guy.  But what if I hadn’t been? What if I had pursued something more related to writing.  It is not like I don’t like to read.  Of course I do; I have a page related to every book I read.  At my age I should know better, but I think part of my core is that I don’t.

Transitions are not my forte.  At least not today.  Did you know I was in the Japanese version of TV Guide in 1983?  I was.  It was an article on Couch Potatoes and the store I worked at staged and event with the Head Couch Potato Jack Mingo.  I’ve seen some syndicated things he’s done, so clearly he got of the couch.  I’m done name dropping.  That felt good, though.

2012 was the year I attempted NaNoWriMo.  In retrospect, I ‘m not really disciplined enough to write for 2 hours every night.  Some days, I could find my stride and fit in the time. Others, work kicked my ass and after feeding the family, it was time to crash.  Realizing that my sleep meter usually ends these days at 10:30 or sooner, didn’t help either.  But I managed to claw out 36,000 words or so of drivel and even conceived of an ending. 

I had an interesting exchange with my father the other day.  He was lamenting how his favorite TV shows were always getting cancelled.  I told him if he had asked me before he watched them, I could have predicted that.  He got mad and kept telling everyone I called him stupid.  He always blows things out of proportion. I wasn’t calling him stupid.  I never really got to my point during all his loud blustering.  It was that he doesn’t read TV reviewers to glean information.  If you don’t read Tim Goodman, Maureen Ryan or Alan Sepinwall you are missing out. 

More importantly, watching dramas on NBC is a losing proposition.  I had no heartbreak knowing that he was upset by the cancelation of Harry’s Law and The Event among others.  He was also stressing about missing Smash when it restarted. (Pause for laughter.) Let’s be honest, he had no interest in letting me get to my point.

Let me add 2 facts to my case.  He has 2 DVR  timers set to make sure he never misses and episode or rerun of the O’Reilly Factor. (Can you say propaganda?)  Second, the list of shows I’ve suggested he watch and he refused to consider includes:

  • The Wire
  • The Sopranos
  • Brotherhood
  • Homeland
  • Boardwalk Empire
  • The Shield
  • Justified
  • Sons of Anarchy

I think I’ve made my point.  He does watch Game of Thrones, but then calls me almost every week to explain things.  It’s kind of cute.  At least we talk a bit more.  He not stupid, just stubbornly hard headed.  On a brighter note, he didn’t know who Honey Boo-Boo was.

As the year ends, I realize my journey has barely started.  I’m pretty sure I can’t come up with something interesting 7 days a week, but perhaps I can on 3.  I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but perhaps I can commit to 2 posts a week.  Or 8 per calendar month.  Let’s give that a shot, shall we?  I  hope you’ll keep me company in 2013. And tell your friends.  Everyone knows I like a party.



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