Happy New Years

It is New Year’s Day and already the resolutions have started.  My Facebook feed is filled with people swearing off high calorie coffee, promising to exercise and resolving to stay off Facebook.  That last one is especially amusing because the people that have decided to get off of Facebook or use it less are the people that least need to make that resolution.  I have a startling admission to make.  The people that need to use FB less, have already been hidden in my feed.  My mind is not that warped to need all that drivel.  I am pretty sure it is none of you. I have a good sense who reads this blog.  To my knowledge none of you are posting 75 times per day or are spouting nonsense.  I hid the people with tinfoil hats.   Speaking of which, I need more foil.  The roll just ended.

January television is brutal. Every 10 minutes there are 4 commercial for exercise programs and equipment or diets and weight loss programs. I know it is a typical marketing ploy, but the people that want to lose weight or exercise really don’t wait until 1/1/xx to start, they start when they really feel the desire or need to change.

A few years ago, I realized I was seriously overweight.  I also knew that going to a gym wasn’t my style.  I had done that years ago and it had worked, but my motivation was skewed.  I did that because I didn’t want to go home.  In my head I knew my marriage was over and it was easier to find other places to be, waiting for that relationship to crumble completely. My motivations were not those of one wanting to lose weight, but it was an off-label side effect.  I knew I’d have to do something different this time and I also knew there was no magic bullet for weight loss.  But if there was I’d buy it too.

Shortly after my Dr. told me I was obese, I was laid off and I’m sure the stress helped with losing weight.  I knew I was heavy, but the scale scared me with what it said.  Nevertheless the changes had come so slowly I did not realize they had been so severe.  300.  It was more than a movie.  Those first 10 pounds that came off due to stress helped and provided some motivation.

In my previous job, I drove to work and I drove to lunch and drove home.  I ate well and I gained and gained.  That needed to stop.  My latest position made it possible to take BART to work.  I walked across the lot to the station and always sat at the back of the train to maximize my very short walk to work.  I also realized that I needed to change other habits.  I no longer feel the need to lick my plate clean when I’m out.  I still do it sometime, but only when the meal is exceptional.  I have tried to take smaller portions at home and snack less.

What has really helped, however, is that my office moved.  Instead of being 100 yards from the BART station it is now about a mile.   Most every day I walk to and from the office to the station.  Extra exercise seems to have helped.  I have needed the extra exercise as my body has changed with age.  I used to carry my extra weight all over, especially in my thighs, but no longer.  I may not have male pattern baldness, but I do have a male pattern beer belly, which is funny, because I don’t drink THAT much beer.

This year I will continue to try and reduce the extreme pressure I place of the ground below me.  I know it is working. I have pants that I bought in ’07 that fit better than the day i bought them. (Lambchop just found a picture of me the boys from 2007 in Alaska, I forgot I was that fat.) I have pulled sportcoats, jackets and shirts out of storage that haven’t fit in 8-9 years.  None of this was made possible through the blast marketing that you and I will see for the next 6 weeks or so.  It tends to end around the Super Bowl, doesn’t it?

This is my encouragement to you to be what you want.  It is never about the negative thoughts marketers send your way encouraging you to reach for their products for your improvement.  You are great.  If you want to change something, great.  I’ll be there pulling for you.  If you don’t?  That’s great too.  Let’s let 2013 be about us and not about what Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or the exercise equipment manufacturers.

And if you want to stop by for a meal, I’ll happily set a place for you, but you’ll have to provide your own portion control.

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  1. A very good message, Lee! Here’s to everyone being themselves! *cheers*


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