Ashley Broad is a Nasty Bitch or Does She Just Play one on TV?

Most of us remember that wonderful song from South Park Kyles Mom is a big fat bitch.  I, for one, got hours of enjoyment watching it over and over and singing the many variations it inspired.  It never dawned on me that Sheila Broflowski was a bitch, she was just the stereo typical Jewish mother.  But over the last 2 years, I have found a new contender, worth of a song proclaiming her bitchiness:  Ashley Broad.

Let me digress.  One embarrassing fact is that I like some (but clearly not all) reality TV.  It started with Survivor and expanded to the Amazing Race and even to Pawn Stars.  Rick Harrison and his crew have the formula down, but after a while the “Neato Item of the Episode” got tiresome.  And we all know Chumly is not as dense as they portray him.  It’s the shtick we chose to ignore.  And the cast of experts leaves me lukewarm. Forensic document expert Drew is just plain creepy.  After a while, it became tedious and it fell off the back of the DVR.  OK, I pushed it off.

One day I was channel surfing, which takes quite a while. We get 600 channels or so.  Remember when we scoffed at The Boss’ 57 channels (And Nothin’ on)?  57 choices seemed like a dream to me then.  Anyway, I ran across this silly little show on a silly little network called Hardcore Pawn.  The name alone made me smile.  I’d not heard of TruTV, but what the heck, right? 

Hardcore Pawn is the exact opposite of Pawn Stars.  Sure, there are interesting items from time to time, but mostly it is about crazy customers and the dysfunctional Gold Family.  Every week, there is a 70/30 ratio of crazies to normal people  shown at American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit.  What a premise, one of the country’s largest pawnshops in one of America’s most broken cities.  Each week, people come in demanding “their money” and creating chaos, forcing the very large security guards to escort, carry or push them out.  It is a sideshow of humanity that maybe as bad as Honey Boo-Boo.  And know that just because we know who she is, does not mean we have ever tuned it.  We did see her once on a morning show clip. That was too much.

The outrageous behavior of the poor or addicted or just plain crazy is off the charts in Detroit.  Women wearing tights when tents would have been risqué, men missing more teeth than those remaining and too many people a basket short of a picnic all show up over the course of a season.  I firmly believe that some of those people who believe CZs are diamonds are real, but I also believe that at least 40% of the wack-a-doos are put up to their shenanigans by the producers.  Not that I know or can prove it.  (Though, I have found a few message boards where people attest to being asked to “act” a certain way.)

Beyond the pale of the crazies (one woman wanted to sell her boyfriend’s “Prince Albert”) and the not so crazies (people need money for funerals and school), there is the real drama; the Gold family is one of the most unlikable families I have ever met.  At first, Les (the father) and Seth (his son) were pleasant enough, just a bit off center for TV.  Ashley was always a bitch.  Every week Lambchop and I would debate it.  I thought she was a huge bitch from the go.  Lambchop thought I was reacting poorly to her being a strong woman.  I don’t think a strong woman looks for any reason to undermine her brother and is continually is a divisive force.  Heck as a manager, she always plays “I’m the boss so you do what I say” card constantly.  I’ve rarely seen her listen to anyone. Even when she’s horribly wrong, she still thinks she’s right. Let’s be honest, I have never ever seen a redeeming quality in her.  I wonder what her kids think.

There are two questions here.  First is she really that much of bitch?  From my perspective she is the Superman of Bitches, with no kryptonite left on Earth.  Second, whether she is or not, why let yourself be shown like this on TV?  This is not the editing that takes place on other shows; this is full on “I’m watching my brother to catch all his mistakes so I can shame him” and yelling at the crazies AFTER they have been thrown out.  I think the Kaiser Chiefs’ I Predict a Riot should be the show’s theme song. Week in, week out, I’m appalled at her behavior.  I feel bad for her husband, who we’ve not met.  On the other hand, I know Honey Boo-Boo’s mother has a boyfriend, so we know there is all kinds of stupid and stupider in the world.

Recently, we had a breakthrough.  Unprovoked, Lambchop said that she finally agreed (albeit reluctantly) that, yes, Ashley Broad is a bitch.  Victory was mine.  Sadly, my mind had moved on.  I am now convinced that Les and Seth are giant assholes too.  Each too self absorbed in being right and abrasive.  There are grudges and fights and very few examples of love or teamwork.  These days Betrayal is the secret word.  I keep watching for the magic duck from the ceiling.

This week I was appalled at the treatment Ashley (being a tattletale, not a manager) and Les gave to Rich, their 26-year employee.  Rich always seems likable and level headed.  He’s the employee you want.  The TV show goes out of its way to show his small (or human) mistakes.  The the response to said mistake is shown like a tornado ripping through a trailer park.  “Fire Him!” Seriously?  Am I not supposed to think this is contrived?  Wait, they did this last season also.  If he is so bad, why has he been there 26 years?  I’ve reached the conclusion that too much of it is fake.

After reading this article, I’m sure it is.  You’ve got to love the internet and easy hyperlinks.  They like Ashley.  I get the advertising angle, but why show yourselves to be such unlikable people week after week.

Now you know my dirty little reality TV secret.  I will probably keep watching but I don’t want to.  And I’m sure you’ll tune in once to see what I am talking about.  TruTV won’t pay me for your eyeballs, but I appreciate you reading to the end today..  

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  1. I despise reality TV. It’s like watching car wreck after car wreck and if there isn’t enough blood n’ brains on the pavement, the network adds some for effect.

    So I probably won’t be watching it. heh.

    Life is real enough for me. I like my entertainment to be pure – fantasy, fiction, fun.

  2. J

     /  April 7, 2013

    No matter her attitude, but I think Ashley is sexy..luv a strong “chubby” sexy woman.

  3. I suppose the Arthor hasn’t noticed Seth evesdropping on many of Ashley’s transactions and even butting in on some with his opinion. A & S have a true and active case of sibling rivalry.

    • of course I’ve noticed Seth being a jerk. I believe I addressed his unlikability. Its just that she goes so over the top in actively sabotaging him and other irrational behavior that I was moved to write about. We all no that this show must be 90% staged.

  4. keith

     /  April 21, 2013

    The show is obviously fake, but I think some things are reenactments. The family:Ashley, Seth (who’s apparently angry about still being in the closet) and Les are all real trashy. I’ve caught them in several lies and haven’t watch a ton of episodes yet. Such as Les telling a lady it’s “bad business when you make a deal then back out” But, after that I saw him do precisely the same thing on a few occasions! Ashley said she wrote up her first pawn slip at the age of 6. In a later episode she said she wrote up her 1st pawn slip at age 10. I could probably go on if I watched it but I’m kind of turned off by this family. I don’t stick my nose up at reality TV (if it’s entertaining–great!) I just hate these guys. They are scum who prey on the weak. They’re experts at nothing but taking advantage of poor people in tight spots. You gotta love it when they lowball a guy on an item, he accepts the money then they look it up on the internet to see it’s going for 10 times what they paid! They’re dirty predators!

    • Couldn’t have said it myself! However, do not remember it is fake, they created all three main characters. PLEASE GOD LET THAT BE TRUE, I WOULD HATE FOR THERE TO REALLY BE NOT JUST A FAMILY BUT A STORE LIKE THIS.
      I hate all three characters equally, and I hat them a lot.

      • Ok, I was stoned when I wrote the above, I can’t believe I posted that. I’ll never smoke again.

  5. Anonymous

     /  April 30, 2013

    I think she should have her own office like her brother and father.

  6. Pamela

     /  April 30, 2013

    Ashley should have her own office.

  7. Rich should cash out now..He probably knows about the families darkest secrets and could write a book. He is gonna be penniless when Les retires or dies

  8. Anonymous

     /  June 26, 2013

    Rich has been gone from the store since November of 2012 from what I heard. The saying is that the Gold family was getting jealous of Rich’s likability and being seen in a positive light that they fired him for good. I know Rich has his own tweeter feed and it explains some things.

  9. Alex

     /  July 2, 2013

    I think Ashley is a huge bitch. I’ved watch this show a couple of times and can’t believe how nasty and disrespectful she gets in public. Manager? Acting like that is very unprofessional for a manager… But hey if the shows fake I guess they aren’t as trashy as they seem.

    • Anonymous

       /  July 3, 2013

      Ashley is a fat pig seth is a little pussy like his father the most fucked up family i have ever seen how can i tell them myself

      • Anonymous

         /  August 20, 2013

        LOL I agree 100% with you Ashley is a Smuffy Cow …

      • grace

         /  December 28, 2013

        ashely is a descrace to human race and i agree they are the most fucked up family on eath they curse each other out so many times a day u lose count if u would cout how manty times they curse each other out

      • Weston

         /  June 11, 2014

        Haha couldn’t have said it better myself

  10. KevinT

     /  July 5, 2013

    I totally agree with you, except for the comment about Les being a dick… Seth and Ashley are the most spoiled little babies I have ever seen in my life… I don’t know how the employees of that establishment can put up with all of their shit and just step back and let it happen. I would assume that the majority of the employees would love it if they both walked off a cliff. I used to give her the benefit of the doubt, and believe that Ashley may be a little harsh and rough because she grew up in this pawn shop, dealing with unruly customers on a daily basis, but even if that were the case (which I no longer can convince myself of), it still doesn’t justify her behavior or attitude about everything that comes in there. The thing that irks me more than anything, is when she walks up while her father or brother is trying to come to a deal with somebody, and basically tells them that they are buying junk and idiots in front of the customer who brought it in. She is a know-it-all, egotistical, bitch with an EXTREMELY deluded, false sense of entitlement. I honestly don’t think the world would suffer in the slightest if she disappeared. As a matter of fact, I think we may even get along a little better with one less fat, delusional, bitch who puts herself on such a high pedestal, that I truly think she believes everyone should be so lucky as to be graced with her presence… Such a fat cunt, please disappear forever.

    • i think we can be critical without the name calling. and I am highly critical of her. :)

    • Jindrax

       /  October 6, 2013

      Well put Kevin T on the things you said about Ashley she is a little spoiled fat ass , she needs to get another job and leave the company to Les and Seth and see how long
      she lasts at the other job because she wont

    • grace

       /  December 28, 2013

      the show is fake whos gonna work at a place were u listen to ur bosses fight al fuckin day cuz i know i wouldt

  11. Anonymous

     /  July 14, 2013

    I would be embarrassed by the sarcasm and attitude Ashley gives the customers and employees, if I were her father.

  12. Stan bills

     /  July 15, 2013

    She’s a disgusting fat Jew slob.

    • I approved this because I believe in free speech. as a Jew, I’m highly offended. She’s a bitch on TV, please leave religion out of this. I am leaving this up as a way to show that racism exists and should not be tolerated. Black, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic. It doesn’t matter. For the Record, there is very little about Ashley, her comments, her behavior and her family that have much to do with being Jewish.

      • As another Jew, I’m offended that YOU are offended. Not only that but I’m sick and tired of people using that a bitching tool. What he said was 100% correct and that’s just the way it is. They are very old stereotypes that have been around for quite some time and are meant as more of a fun barb than anything else. Racism turns into bull when people like you put a spin on it that turns it into something negative. I’m sure there are plenty of other WordPress Blogs around that meet the criteria you’re truly looking for in your ‘literature’.

        Great read, OP, thanks for the insight and laughter. I will, however, completely agree with you about Ashley. Though both her AND Seth need the snot knocked out of them, she gets into major yelling matches with people and starts whining like a 10 year old. Someone like that would never be a Manager in the real world of successful business. But then again, this is television, right?

        And to touch base on Seth a bit more, boy is that guy something else. He is EXTREMELY cocky and arrogant all for quite literally no reason. I’m a heterosexual male and can respect a handsome gentleman when I see one and let me tell you, Seth is a goober. He also is actually fairly below average and some times terrible at sales. That being said, what in the world does he have to be so arrogant about? Those two things, of which he is the most concerned with, he completely falls flat on his face with!

        Did you ever notice the “uhh duhhhh” type face Les makes whenever the camera pans to him when he is not speaking? Haha, a friend and I are starting to find that the most enjoyable part of the show. He seems to be mentally on another planet 99% of the time the show is running. Seth also makes these types of faces when someone is giving him grief in return for him being a smart-mouth punk. He gets this funny little sissy face of disbelief. I guess since I’ve gotten so sick of this family that their pain and suffering is what truly satisfies me.


    • grace

       /  December 28, 2013

      not tryin to pffend but what jewish people would act like that

  13. Anonymous

     /  August 9, 2013

    putaaaa perra

  14. broad piggy

     /  August 13, 2013

    Ashley would be more appropriate in honey boo boo.
    What a sow of a female.
    Ashley, lose some weight you may like yourself more.
    Right now you are a disgusting example of a human being and please for mankind, do not procreate anymore.

  15. Ashley

     /  August 14, 2013

    My husband LOVES this show, and I must say that Seth and Ashley have made me hate the show. They both act like 6 year-old brats the way they bicker. They had better be lucky that they have their father’s pawn shop to work in. Otherwise, neither of them would be able to hold a job, due to their sorry attitudes. I know it’s reality TV, but I am convinced that this is how they really act in real life. It’s sad that I am much younger than the two of them, yet I am way more mature than they are.

    I cannot stand Ashley. She is a poor excuse of a woman and I am ashamed that we share a first name. I cannot stand to hear the sound of her voice. It has the appeal of 5 cats squalling. She acts like a spoiled brat and is the most unprofessional person I have ever seen. Oh, and that little attempt at her being such a little hardass makes me want to slap her.

  16. Anonymous

     /  September 1, 2013

    God are you that bored with your life. At least these people have a family and are loved.. Unlike yourself. Your selfish SELF!

    • Bobby N.

       /  September 7, 2013

      LOL is the last reply from an anonymous Ashley? Sounds like it.

      This show is 90% scripted garbage and the fact that it’s still on the air says a lot about the American people. Shame on us.

      It isn’t often I get a feeling of hatred for someone, but I truly wouldn’t mind seeing that Ashley was hit by a bus on tomorrow’s front page. I cannot believe that any self-respecting male would touch, mucheck less procreate with that duck-waddling, Jay Leno chinned slam-pig.

      Looking at the massive rocks on her finger, I can only assume that her marriage is a facade, her kids don’t exist, and her father took the ring in on pawn from some ex-rapper’s broke ex-wife and put it on Ashley’s finger in hopes she wouldn’t go home and off herself the next time she glances at the mirror.

  17. Dutch Rebel

     /  September 9, 2013

    Biggest cunt i have ever seen on tv.

    Especialy when Rich is handling stuff the right way and she comes talking shit while she is wrong.

    Get her of our Dutch TV man.

  18. Ashley kills me when she tries to act like she’s hard. She’s always wrong about the deals she makes, but yet she always tries to justify herself. Have you ever heard her when she yells at someone uuuuhhh I just want to go to American jewelry and punch the bitch! She and seth behave like two adolescents. I would really like to see this husband of hers too, like what was on his mind. Then she also thinks everyone is scared of her bitch ass, REALLY trick go have a seat! She really makes my blood boil every time I watch the show. Ahe needs to quit and never dome back.

  19. Ashley kills me when she tries to act like she’s hard. She’s always wrong about the deals she makes, but yet she always tries to justify herself. Have you ever heard her when she yells at someone uuuuhhh I just want to go to American jewelry and punch the bitch! She and seth behave like two adolescents. I would really like to see this husband of hers too, like what was on his mind. Then she also thinks everyone is scared of her bitch ass, REALLY trick go have a seat! She really makes my blood boil every time I watch the show. She needs to quit and never come back.

    • I totally agree. I think you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for reading and adding to the fun. What’s strange is how other articles talk about her like she is wonderful and nice. If she’s so nice, why would she act crazy on a reality show?

  20. Anonymous

     /  September 21, 2013

    Totally correct article.
    Ashley takes great pride in belittling her Father, Brother & Customers.
    P.S. the Exec Producer is Richard Dominick, formerly from the Jerry Springer show.

  21. Ellen

     /  September 22, 2013

    Oh how i agree with you. I can not stand this show. Yet i find myself from time to time eyeballing it. I can not stand for one what a family of douchbaggins these people are. His son who omg is one of the most effed up looking people i have ever seen… with an even more effed up personality to boot. Then you have douchebag rollie pollie ollie there who fits the definition of the big ole C word to a T. Then there is good ole pops who reminds me more of a pimp workin hoes inyour local trailer park. If my child ever spoke to me the way they speak to and about their dad; i sure as hell wouldnt keep them around. You hear me?

    Whats really awesome is when all three of them start talkinh shiznit to a customer ONLY when captain humongo security guy is around. Couple of whiny self involved ” its all about me” and “ill even run my own dad over for a bit of noteriety” kids. This show only showcases what’s wrong with our society. I can see that when i walk out my door.

  22. Anonymous

     /  October 8, 2013

    People watch this crap, 5 second was all. Thatscmre crap than a cow feild has . An tru tv whats tru! That a loss of where a good channel could be!

  23. The thing I find remarkable about this dysfunctional family is that they allow themselves to be portrayed on TV as prime assholes. No amount of money would entice any self-respecting person to be portrayed to the world as an asshole on a ‘reality show’, or the case of Les, allow his children to be depicted as assholes. Hence, I am therefore inclined to believe that they are not acting the role of dysfunctional human beings but like a great many of their mentally retarded scum-bag Detroit customers, are in reality as bad as they appear to be.
    Ashley is either the dumbest and most obnoxious bitch that ever drew breath or the greatest actress alive. I have a strong suspicion that she cannot act and is what she is.

    • I have to agree with you, to the contrary of the article I linked to. Thanks for your comments :)

    • Denise

       /  October 22, 2013

      I so agree about Ashley… But Seth is just as big of an IDIOT if not bigger! He pouts and acts like a spoiled BRAT! I liked the show at first but after seeing how TOTALLY messed up Ashley (which makes me so sad because she has children and is SUCH A CHILD) it’s sad and a very messed up show and family! I pray for Ashley and (OMG) Seth’s children…

  24. Denise

     /  October 22, 2013

    I think Ashley and Seth are just spoiled rotten brats that have NO CLUE IN LIFE!! Ashley is a LARD ASS and Seth Is pretty much a gay BOY(he sure ain’t a man) they whine and bitch and cry like damn babies!! Les is an idiot who raised bigger idiots!

  25. Bookey's Grandma

     /  December 4, 2013

    Ashley is like fingernails on a chalk bored AND Seth reminds me of twiddle dee twiddle dumber. Its scaryvto think honey boo boo just might be the classier show (you’d better redneckonize) Les and his wife should have giving both of them one of those old fashioned butt whippings. Ther is nothing cute or smart about either one of them, espcially Ashley. If I talked to my dad they way they do or pulled stuff behind his back (ie; tryingvto sellbthe pontiac store) thenvat that same point once I was thru I would just go dig my grave cause I know my mamma would ask me if I was tired of living. What an awful mother she must be and her husband has to be doped up all the time to escape the reality of Ashley. Note to Les: call them spoiled brats out and handvit to them 8n a platter. Who told them this is ok behavoir. I totally agree that they only get big and bad when those freak of nature giant bodyguards are standing there to make sure they won’t get laid out. But as you say and I agree it is 90% fake but exactly how much is a human soul going for these days. Now I will climb down off my soapbox. But I’m gladcto seevthat it’s not just me.

  26. Hello, there my name is Jeremy Brooks and I am a big fan of Hardcore Pawn and my favorite person on there is Les Gold. Les can be a bit hardheaded to his kids @ times. He makes the show fun. As for Ashley and Seth. They can’t be trusted to run the show or anything the way they bicker and moan. I never really liked Seth that much because he is always in Ashley’s Face. Ashley is Ok but Seth is always a prick to her. Les should’ve fired them long time ago. Les is the greatest @ what he does. Love you Les. I hope to meet you in person. the only episodes I love are the newest episodes. I liked the old episodes @ first but the newest ones are my favorite. I am looking forward to the newest episodes

    Jeremy Brooks

  27. Les is good @ being tough and cracking the whip on his misbehaving kids when they get out of line. He is way more experienced than his kids are @ the business. Shouting matches, etc are no good for a business. Esp. in front of other employees and customers.

  28. Rob

     /  January 3, 2014

    wend Ashley is gonna do some workout and loose that belly???

  29. Wtf if u dont like the dam show way do u watch it common fucking since you don’t know what ur talking about that dam show go hard cuz shut the fuck up u bring up other shit like u know stuff honey boo boo really at lest they
    On tv get a job bro u lame ima true fan i speak up . :-[

    • I believe what you meant to say was:

      What the F*ck. If you don’t like the damn show, why do you watch it? Come on! (fucking?) Since you don’t know what you are talking about! That damn show goes hard cousin! Shut the fuck up! You bring up other shit like youu know stuff. Honey Boo Boo really? At laest they are on TV. Get a job brother. You are lame. I am a true fan. I speak up . :-[

      Well, I can spell. I can use spell check and I can have an opinion. You might not agree with me, but that is your right. For the record, I do have a job and a few degrees. I bring up other topics as a way of making a point and creating something interesting to read. I’m glad you liked my post enough to comment.

      I still don’t understand why the entire Gold family acts so horribly on TV and lets the show film and present it. But that’s not my business. My business is commenting on it. Long live freedom of speech and an independant thought process.

  30. grace

     /  January 9, 2014

    considering how much i hate ashely and think they are the most fucked up family on earth i still watch the fucked up so called reallity tv show. IF this show had more reallity than fake bullshit i think i would enjoy watching it. we know les is married but for ashely if ur gonna lie actually tell a lie ppl gonna believe cause we know yo big fat bitch ass aint married and for certainly we know yo oompa-loompa ass aint got kids yo father (les) and ur brother (seth) probaly felt bad and went along with the bullshit lie now seth u look like a fuckin monkey now u either half monkey or have a birth defect and if u think hes married it most be to a fuckin blind women or a blind monkey or hes gay either way ur a fucked up monkey lookin asshole the only pleasant people on this show are the employees

  31. joannasradical

     /  January 15, 2014

    Gaaahhhleeee! You people REALLY hate the show! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I personally think Ashley is STRONG! I don’t see her as a “bitch”.. Seth, on the other hand, is a total GIRL! Ashley will step up to a customer faster than Seth will. The reason why Seth is so obsessed with his label as a “manager” is because it’s the only thing he feels “good” at.. He’s terrible at everything else. (Sports, plumbing, hiking, fighting, etc) Les is actually an amazing father in my eyes. He let’s Seth and Ashley learn when they make mistakes, and he praises them when they do good. He also disciplines them when they deserve it.. But, once again, that’s just my opinion (:

    • Thanks for your input Joanna. At my house it took a while, but ultimately everyone agreed that Ashley’s behavior was not that of a strong woman. A strong woman stands on her own, leads and inspires. Ashley undermines and causes trouble. Nevertheless, we all have our opinions and I respect yours. And yes, Seth has become just as bad. :)

      • ellen

         /  January 24, 2014

        I commented a long while back but have been reading the comments. This has been enjoyable reading. Everyone has stated their opinions w/o really getting nasty towards one another. This is prime example on how blog responses should go.

        Congratulations we are all adults (sort of I’m still not sure if I am)

      • Sadly Ellen, not everyone is an adult. I have deleted a significant amount of comments that fall way below the line. I don’t mind criticism or disagreement, but the “fat pig” and way worse comments have found the digital round file.

        but your comments are always welcome.


    • ellen

       /  January 24, 2014

      You’re absolutely right. As much as I personally find a million and one things wrong you see whats right. My Room mate loves this show so I find myself watching it time to time. But am seeing what you see. I’ll stick with watching Adventure Time (with my nine yr old……maybe)

  32. Swag displays all the symptoms and sounds like one of the mentally retarded customers on the show. How embarrassing to be an American and see your fellow countrymen portrayed as imbeciles.

  33. If you get 600 channels yours a loser

  34. Glenda

     /  January 21, 2014

    Ashley is a horrible human being with her weird eyes, and so nasty to staff and customers, even if the program is fake.

  35. ellen

     /  January 24, 2014

    I agree. I have to remind myself that hiding behind my smart phone isn’t an invite to be an ass hole.

  36. grace

     /  February 2, 2014

    so i guess heres another long one. so i respect everyones comment but J if u gonna call someone a chubby (fat) sexy women or what ever u said make sure its someone who fits the definition of it cause ashely is a nasty ,fucked up, bitch. I TRY TO BE GROWN UP WITH MY COMMENTS BUT IM ONLY 13 years old. If u dont think iam be free to leave me sa comment later ill tell u what i think the only reason i watch this fucked up tv show is because its funny the way they decide to act but in some cases its sad beyond belief its sad for some ppl that rich from hardcore pawn trys to help out ashely but shes so fucked up she dises him like she dose to her own father. oh and one more last thing im sitting on my bed and im talking to my brother writting this and he tells me that the internet tells him that the stars of hardcore pawn dont use there real names but if its reallity they should use there real names right leave me aa comment if u think im right

    • I”m glad to have you here Grace. You write much better than I would have expected for your age. Keep up the great comments.

  37. grace

     /  February 4, 2014

    thanks lee and heres another so look all over the internet for seths so called wife and kids and for ashely so called husband and 2 kids i think her husbands name is brian if she hase a husbanb i think ill become a blogger of reallity tv shows i dont like and of fat oompa loompa bitches like ashely and monkey lookin ass kissin gay pussy bitches like seth and for now ill lay off of les old winkley fucked ass for now

    • Grace – its easy to degrade and insult. Let’s not go down that path please. I want opinions here, not trash talk. thank you

  38. Lol reality tv is so very unrealistic!

  39. Jason

     /  May 24, 2014

    Ashley shows no interest in learning about items she doesn’t know any information on, so I really don’t think she is interested in the business at all .

    She also just wants to berate people and be rude to people for a living.

    I herd that she is married, what a poor sob he must be!!! I’m sure she has had hum neutered and his mouth sewn shut since she doesn’t want to hear what anybody has to say at all.

    I hope that for his sake he is deaf so he doesn’t have to hear her…..

  40. grace

     /  June 6, 2014

    so i watched a new episode of hardcore pawn and ashely was being a snoby bitch to her cusin karen 4 no reason karen is just tryin 2 help no reason 4 ashely to treat her like a shity piece of trash thogh karen is being nice 2 her if i were karen id tell the fat sloby bitch off thats just my opinion anyone else

    • Aleesha Brihm

       /  July 11, 2014

      I agree i would go off on her to because if someobody like your cousin tryna help you should appreciate and not be a asshole about i dont like Ashley’s attitude I think she’s very rude

  41. Weston

     /  June 11, 2014

    I’ve watched this show a good bit now and they all piss me off. Ashley is a fat bitch. I love when the customer tells her ass off but then she gets them thrown out, so I guess she ends up winning. Seth is a faggot from hell man. He’s disrespectful and a pussy, hiding behind his security acting like a hardass.

    • While I respect the opinion Weston, let’s try and stay away from the degrading language. He’s annoying as hell and definitely hides behind security, I totally agree with that.

  42. Alana

     /  June 23, 2014

    Ashley Broad seems to be a miserable bitch, what is her problem. Not only is she a bitch, she’s so darn unattractive, who in their right mind would marry her, let alone date her. When children grow up, their behavior actually reflects on their parents, obviously her parents didn’t do a good job she is horrible. Who would act that way, actually “extremely childish” is another way to describe her. I think her brother is more mature than her, and this woman has kids too. She’s on TV, millions are watching, she needs to be nicer, patient, self controlled, fair. I think she should be a sweetheart of the company. Yeah right!!!! She’s so ugly, I’ve tried to think of something nice to say about her, but there’s nothing, nothing comes to mind but how ignorant she is. The Gold family should treat their customers a whole lot better because where would they be without their customers. They treat people without genuine respect. That’s it, they’re just awful people they disgust me.

  43. Anonymous

     /  July 2, 2014

    Ashley is a pathetic human being. She probably isn’t as bad as she portrays herself, which is possibly the worst part of her deal. She is willing to play a fat, stupid, obnoxios cow to have her 15 minute of fame. Pathetic unrealized non grown up.

  44. Cris

     /  July 24, 2014

    I believe that neither Seth or Ashley should inherent the business. It should go to Rich.

    • Not to be a spoiler… and I have not watched in quite a while, I thought Rich was, to quote Bad Co. “gone, gone, gone.”

  45. Gigi

     /  July 25, 2014

    Suffering through “seeing” this show with headphones on working on my laptop! Actually watched a few, but Ashley is just so rude and downright mean! And I imagine they would have to deal firmly with some folks, but they and she especially treat their customers horribly. And they way they treated Rich! She called him a chicken for not talking to her and then ended with his losing his job because of her. My family thinks their horrible antics are hilarious – so I compromise with headphones. :)

  46. Hiya, I’ve been watching hardcore pawn for over a year now. I’ve been very sick I’m disabled due to something gone wrong during my delivery of my baby girl 15 years ago pain 24/7 but Ashley is so painfully real she cracks me up I love when people call her out from behind the window she doesn’t hesitate, I wait for new shows it takes me to a place of easing my pain,so thanks Ashley you rock! :-) keep up the good work ! You’re devoted watcher Shelley my kids grown and doing their own thing love you and your family too

  47. Dawn

     /  March 16, 2015

    How can this be a reality show if they have a WRITER for the show. Last time I check reality does not need a writer. Just like Pawn Stars, if this is spontaneous why do the people walk in with a microphone pack on them?? Does that mean everyone walks in with a microphone, on them or just the ones the writer has written a script for?? They get upset when someone ask a high price then they beat them down in price, knowing some of them are in a hard spot,then turn around and sell it for more then what the customer original asked for. They do the same on Pawn Stars who by the way also have a writer for the show. They have no shame and constantly rip people of,who are in a bad spot or they would not be there selling their goods. I do not watch the shows but you have to watch a couple or else how can you give a comment or opinion if you do not watch some of the show.

  48. L

     /  March 17, 2015

    My fiance watches this show. I used to find it mildly entertaining but now the only thing I can think about when I watch it is what a horrible bitch Ashley is!!! I actually HATE her, and that is a word that I don’t use. She is just a terrible excuse for a human being, she treats her own family like shit, she’s rude to customers AND her face is constantly twisted up in expressions that just make her look mean and down right ugly. I’m actually a very peaceful person, I don’t like to physically fight and believe that most confrontations can be solved with words….but nothing would give me greater pleasure than to travel to Detroit, walk into that Pawn Shop, and bash her twisted up face in!!!!! I cannot stand that bitch!!!! Seth is a condescending ass and Les can be a jerk at times too, but Ashley is the worst human being EVER!!! I don’t know how or why Karen started working there, she is so pleasant especially compared to the rest of them!!! I just think that family is the scum of the earth but they need to take a long hard look in the mirror (or on the TV screen) because they think they are better than everyone else….while in reality, they are SO much worse than all those trashy ridiculous “customers” (a.k.a. actors) that “come in their store” (a.k.a. are hired)!!!! But Ashley and her hideous facial expressions are by far the worst!!! Her ugliness on the inside just bursts out and radiates from her!!!

  49. Gary Z

     /  April 9, 2015

    I call her WHAAASHLEY,she is the. Biggest piece o’ poop I ha e seen in my life. If you look closely you can also see combatants with microphones in thheir clothes, my gr8 and I play a game to see who can see one first, it happens so often. This show is a joke, the “Jerry Springer of pawn but sometimes we do just want to wait b a.joke hopping the pun h like.e is worth it. This one rarely is…

  50. alex

     /  April 30, 2015

    Very good article. It
    came up third on a Google search for “i hate ashley hardcore pawn”.. what a fucking bitc!


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