I tip my hat to the new revolution…

When last we left our hero he was surrounded by a rising tide of rude and oblivious coworkers.  Denial was rampant and the end was near.  As our hero tried to McGyvver himself out the perilous predicament with coffee, ghetto bagels and insults, there was a surprise.  Completely unprepared for this twisted turn of events, an hour or two was spent absorbing the situation and making plans (for Nigel of course.)  It has sunk in.  Now the ripples of that boulder in the pond add to the complexity of the future.

Like any respectable weekly serial, the climax remained off screen in some indeterminate future.  The cliffhanger loomed large, obscuring any other thoughts and plans.  What, you ask, was this week’s cliffhanger?  Why, thank you for asking.  Stress was running rampant and the harbinger of never-ending projects had developed a new 12 point workflow, which due to its complex and never-ending documentation processes, was going to change the world.  Note:  people who never finish things, usually don’t communicate or document either.

The twist: the villain of last week’s episode was shown the door.  In a completely unexpected move, at least timing wise, Snidely Whiplash was given a seeming innocuous pink slip.  He was in such denial he never saw it coming.  His binder of press clipping, most years old, did nothing to stay his fate.  The villagers dropped their picks, rakes and axes.  They snuffed their torches and sang kumbaya as they danced back to the village at the hill’s bottom.

This was not totally unexpected, but the timing was months sooner than expected.  Most of the residents of the castle were in shock.  Truly, most did not really see the work not getting done or the complete and total disrespect that showered over most people.  Granted, a large amount of tribal knowledge that was not documented left on that magic carpet ride that accompanied that pink slip, but since it had not been documented in the last 7 years, there was no reason to believe it ever would be.

Your humble narrator picked up all the work that was now homeless.  As a consultant, he did not pick up any direct reports, but will manage the work of said people.   That was Thursday morning.

On Friday, the sun shone, meetings went smoother and clients were receptive to the change.  Without a long talker monopolizing the conversation – why say “yes” when you riff on clichés for 20 minutes – meetings went smoothly and ended on time.  Cooperation reigned that day and hopefully it will continue to.  Next week the concept of accountability will be introduced, reinforced and measured.

So, in summary:  there was an execution.  Meet the new boss.  NOT the same as the old boss.  I have a lot of work to do, but I think I can develop cohesion and teamwork to make things move forward effectively.  There is a shit ton to do.  I’m sure you’ll hear about some of it



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  1. Sounds like the new sheriff in town has a lot of work to do, but I am sure he’ll do it well!


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