meanwhile, back in the real world

I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping this up to date.  A few things you should know:

  • work is kicking my ass
  • and then I kick works ass

I have had a couple of things that went really well.  I just saved the company nearly 100k by doing my job well.  Other things are dragging out like they always have and I’ve been unable to make them go faster.  But with good communication and openness, people are ok with that.  They know what’s happening and they like getting status.  Open conversations and honesty.  What a concept.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones is starting.  The Walking Dead is ending. (for this year of course.) And too many of the Brotherhood without Banners in Northern California are descending on my house for bbq and a group dissection of the episode.

Any bets on what happens in Ep 9 of GoT or maybe it is 8.  No spoilers.  The episode title has changed from Autumn Rains (it didn’t), revised to Chains,then later Unchained.  At least that’s what I recall reading.

More posts this week.  I think I’ve ruminated enough

Valar Morghulis!