Trouble in (slow moving) River City

Just a quick update.  I’ve gotten over my sense of loss related to the missing toothpick.  Today I glanced down because we all look where we are going.  (I was talking about transportation — get your head out of the urinal.) Much to my surprise, there was a royal  blue urinal screen.  My first thought was “what happened to the green?”  (Ok, maybe I do go there. Go! Ha!)

After a moment, I had bigger issues to ponder.  I was quickly past the “blue + yellow = green” stage.  The name of the massive screen was Rough Guy.  It’s logo was stylized diamond in the approximate form of a Weeble.  As you recall, Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.  The Rough Guy was more of a top.

Seriously?  You see where all this is headed.  Who thought these were a good idea in an office?  Clearly, they were intended for a night club of sorts.  Or a sex club.  Or both.

Wasn’t it Dr. Seuss who said “Oh, the things you’ll see!” Nope, he said “Oh, the places you’ll go!”   I guess He was right. Although perhaps he should have added, something about the objects, sitting in the places I’ll go.

It was a shitty week.  Hence the toilet humor. <shrug>

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