Colin’s Benched, but Really It’s Jed and Trent that Stink.

By now I’m sure you are familiar with my subtle disappointment with 49ers ownership, one Jed York in particular.  I wasn’t the first to notice the clown car that tries to pass for management at the Santa Clara 49ers.  I’m not even the most vocal.

For the last few days, I’ve heard Adam Schein, one of my favorite voices on talk radio call the 49ers “a dumpster fire.”  Today I heard Alex McLorg of refer to team as a puppet monarchy in a radio interview.   I’m not sure those are compliments.  Sports Illustrated named them the 2nd most dysfunctional team in league, WAAAAY ahead of the (rebuilding since 1957) Detroit Lions.    It all seems fairly accurate.  No one is hiding their disdain, disappointment and nausea over management’s role in trashing a once proud franchise.

Kate Scott on KNBR quipped that she was rethinking being a fan of the team.  Only Jed York and Trent Baalke can be surprised how far the team has fallen and the amount of anger the fans have for them.  I personally feel dirty about being a fan of a company that is so poorly run and so seriously disingenuous.

Last year was a whisper campaign about how bad Jim Harbaugh was.  He got results, but once the owner and GM began undermining him and it is very clear they did, what reason did the team have to perform?  If the owner wasn’t going to support the head coach, why should the team.  Dysfunction resonates and results fall into the chamber pot.

But, then the team had given our QB Colin a new team friendly contract and allegedly agreed to use some of the discount to sign new players and keep old ones from leaving via free agency.  Reggie Bush. Don’t make me laugh.  Another non-truth to hide what was really going on.

From where I sit, I see there were two major agenda items carved in stone last year in Santa Clara.

  • Distance the 49ers from Harbaugh
  • Make money

They are making money.  With a line as bad as SF’s does it surprise you that they are near the top of the league in terms of being under the salary cap?  Me neither. It was clear they didn’t spend it on the line.

And the first item has had serious repercussions.  Yes, Jim’s gone.  But do you think the smear campaign went unnoticed?  It didn’t.  When you look at ALL the departures via retirement and free agency, you must conclude that some of those men chose to leave rather than work for Baalke and York.  All of them? Probably not.  But people are not sheep, they are not stupid.  They see disloyalty and they have the choice to do other things.  For the record, I will not be surprised when Willis, Borland, or Anthony Davis unretire in a year or two so they can play for an organization and owner with integrity.

Which brings us to today.  Colin Kaepernick was benched for Blaine Gabbert.  Not only is Gabbert not a starting QB, he might be THE WORST BACKUP in the NFL.  That’s inspiring.  It is clear that Colin is the last major reminder of Jim Harbaugh.  His revolving annual contract foreshadowed what’s about to happen.  I’m not going to say Kaepernick has played well he hasn’t.  But I’m assigning the blame 60/40 on management.  No line.  No Plan other than ruination.  The QB coach hosted a radio show last year.
The offensive coordinator has dumbed down the offense so much that it sapped the drive from the team and eliminated the chance for offensive success.  That safety last week?  Inspired play calling.  3 straight telegraphed runs, each netting -1 yard.  I saw it coming on first down.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they told Colin “DO NOT THROW UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.”   I think that may be part of the reason he missed an uncovered WR.  If he can’t throw, he’s disheartened, he makes a mistake.  Bad Coaching.  Do you think defenses are playing the 49ers harder because they have less to defend?  That it is easier to see what is coming?  I do. The coaching stinks worse than my compost bin.

The organization worked hard to make sure that Colin failed this year.  Mission accomplished.  Personally, I hope he moves on, gets the solid coaching and support he needs  to fulfill his potential.  I am disappointed at all that has gone in the name of eradicating all parts of the Harbaugh legacy from the 49ers.  For the record, since the Yorks took the team over, the only highlights, however brief, came from Jim Harbaugh’s direction.  Exactly.

So Jed and Trent, two things.  Trade Colin someplace he can succeed.  That will save you some money.  You’ll need it.  You may have sold lots of corporate licenses, but the real fans give their tickets away.  In a few years, the stadium will be lucky to be half full. Me? I’m going to make sure that I don’t buy anything that has a chance of putting money in your pocket. No games. No jerseys. No gifts for my boys.  Bluntly, I think you are the football equivalent of the mean girls from High School.  Mommy’s money and your golden dome diploma won’t change who you are.  It is not pretty.

The 49ers were the joy of the Bay Area for decades. Your uncle helped them become great, the envy of the NFL, with one of the best fan bases.  You pissed on that history and created a festering mess that will stink for decades.  That’s your legacy.  Or will you pin this all on Baalke next year?

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