Extreme Sadness + Outrage Leads to Hate, But Must It?

Every time I turned on the TV or radio last week and heard about the horrific attacks in Paris, I became emotional and teared up.  Each and every time.  Other than the 0.0003% of the world that thinks these actions are justified and needed, I believe the rest of us are saddened and shocked.  And while its clear we decry terrorist actions, so many people choose to take up the cause of hate.  Justified hate in their minds.

Social media has been slammed with reminders that Muslims hate non-Muslims.  Hate mongers see this as their call to action, to remind us that their brand of purification, eliminating the Muslim threat is justified.  Clearly if you see the video “Moderate Muslims Don’t Want You to See!” you will see the foundations of violence.  Allah’s word makes stoning adulterers and gays the right choice, the perfect law.  And outrage and calls to arms resonate and grow in their might.  And I’m saddened.

Yes, I freely acknowledge that the Koran preaches the killing of Jews and other non-Muslims.  Belief in Allah and his words are the only way according to that book.  No, I have no desire to read it.  No I haven’t read the new testament either.  Even if I have the details wrong, I have gist of it.  But 1500 years later do we really believe that all 15 Billion Muslims believe this?  I find that hard to  believe, having known and worked with several.

It is easy to see why the hate mongers feel this way.  But if we as a society ascribe to this, then what fate do we really have other than the mutually assured destruction the Reganites ascribed to?  Is that the world we want?  Clearly some people want that.  I don’t.

The world changes doesn’t it?  I sit here rationally and think to myself, what made sense in a feudal society a millennia ago doesn’t make sense now.  Why can’t we, as a global society, agree to make the world a better peaceful place?  Do we really need stonings, cruelty and racial hate?  Well, actually we do.  Rupert Murdoch and Fox News base their preaching and opinions on hate and violence.  There are no decorations on a coffee cup and the WAR ON CHRISTMAS grows.  Blacks protest the killing of unarmed people who may or may not be guilty of anything more than being black and it’s a sign of the WAR ON POLICE.  In my opinion, they are the gasoline for the fires of hate in the world.

But then I see that video.  I see a few hundred “assimilated” Muslims agreeing that Allah’s word is perfect.  This is regard to stoning gays and adulterers.  Is this true? Is this the majority?  Hassidic Jews keep their men and women separated similarly.  The Torah has passages requiring animal sacrifices.  This practice stopped nearly two thousand years ago.  Perhaps it’s time for mainstream Muslims to officially denounce such punishments and practices.  This is not the feudal Middle East of a 1000 years ago.

Of course this won’t happen.  The US has interests in places like Saudi Arabia where beheadings happen regularly and women and second class citizens.  Is that a Muslim issue or Saudi issue?  Africans often mutilate their women, but we decry that as a Muslim issue.  Is it?  Republicans and Democrats will work to prioritize and protect our oil and monetary interests over human rights.

I see the hate all around me.  I see the seeds of religious righteousness on both sides.  The Muslims with their holy words and the Christians letting me know I’ll go to hell because I am an unbeliever and sinner.  Of course I sin (their word, not mine).  It is more fun.  I’m also a good  person and I choose to believe that world is filled with good people.  People who want to do the right thing, and no that doesn’t extend to knocking on my door to tell me my beliefs are wrong.  You can keep your Watch Tower, tithes and personal messiahs.  I’m good thank you.  You can have your religion, but I’d rather stand for helping he oppressed, helping those whose lives required leaving their homelands.  Yes, those refugees.

So rather than preaching hate, rather than expounding why we need a wall, rather than standing on soapboxes on why we need to eliminate countries and populations, why its important to keep the hidden terrorsits within the refugee community from our shores,  why can’t we take the first step and seek to find how to solve the problems.  Seek to understand before being understood.  Maybe do some long range thinking.  Even if you could eliminate every Muslim – that is what you are thinking, right?—what does that do for OUR world.?  It is not just yours.  It is your kids.  It is your neighbors.  It is mine and my friends’ too.  Do you really want a world full of righteous murderers? Holy Repressors? Morally enabled thought police?  Actually I think you do, but I don’t want that.

Yes, I know it is a very complex world with very complex problems.  I have totally reduced the issues down to manageable, digestible bite sized pieces.  This is my blog, my thoughts, not graduate thesis on world peace.  But enough with the hate. Enough with the xenophobia. Don’t you think it is a counterproductive to your golden rule? I do.

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  1. Mork

     /  November 18, 2015

    Speak softly but carry a big stick. We have spoken softly and now its time to use a stick. Some people take kindness as a weakness and will never understand compassion and humanity. We need to close our borders and when we open it, open it to only those who will become contributors to our society. No more welfare immigrants, no more elderly who have never contributed to Social Security but collect benefits, no more taking jobs from my children, no more rioting and dissenting when you have not contributed to our society.
    Im sorry but I have lost my compassion because liberals have ruined our country. We have a lot of bleeding hearts in California but the problem I see is 36% of the population pays taxes and I am sick and tired of paying for everyone else. I have remained employed my whole life and have paid my taxes every year. I have never received any government assistance and take pride in myself for stayi g gainfully employed.
    I am sick of the Democrats wanting to legalize immigrants who have entered our country illegally, breaking our laws. The Democrats do it all for votes. Do you seriously believe that Obama really cares about you and your family? Do you seriously believed that Hillary cares about Americans? Do you really believe that she owes no one after taking millions from the super pacs? Then you must believe she is honest and doesnt lie too.
    Lee, I have enjoyed your blogs but lately you have gone off the deep end. If you really believe these people are looking out for the best interest of Americans, then you are not as intelligent as I thought you were.
    From a life long Democrat who no longer will be a Democrat.
    The problem with Socialism is sooner or later you ru. out of other peoples money.

    From a former Democrat who has seen the light.

    • Let’s be honest, in many ways I’m an aging hippie. I am not as naive as you believe. but I don’t think the ACA was worse than slavery. I do believe our government suffers from strong lobbies and self interest, on both sides of the aisle.

      I pay my taxes too. And having been unemployed a few times (because they don’t tell you that the rich capitalists will switch you out for cheaper model when you become too expensive) I have received unemployment on 2 occasions. That being said, capitalism isn’t bad or wrong. But it doesn’t have a heart. Capitalism is why so many of our jobs have gone overseas. Its why CEOs who should make much more than the average employee, make ridiculous amounts.

      And I have no problems with conservative politics. But do you really think Trump, who can not give any significant details other than “Mexicans are Crimianals and we need a wall. make it great yay me for being successful,” cares about us? no he wants to build his brand.

      Do I think all Muslims want to kill the white infidel? Nope. Do some? Absolutely. Do more than we think? I hope not. But if we don’t take a step toward understanding, what choice is there but genocide. I don’t want to be lumped in with Nazi Germany. Do you?

      BTW, I’m not opposed to troops on the ground in the Mid East. I’m not opposed to war. I am opposed to doing it wrong and I know its a complex situation. I’m opposed to invading a country for the terrorists that aren’t there. The land of the free, not the land of regime change because someone with money or power wants it.

      I just want to leave this world better than it found me. Naive? perhaps. But a better goal than fueling the fires of hate.

      I write what moves me. I”m still the same person, with fairly similar views as when I started this. The is much more hate in the world these days and much of it comes from within our country.

      If you’d rather, stick to the recipes. I try to post them so we’ll eat well. I won’t be offended.


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