Information Overload

It is a crazy world we live in.  What is up was once down and what was hot is now cold.  How can anyone make sense of things, let alone try to care?  I think we are supposed to stop caring.  The amount of information and disinformation flowing constantly is alarming.  Most people can’t handle it all. I know I can’t.  Let’s put a few things out there so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

We are supposed to care about each other.  It is not politics it is ethics and morality.  It is kindness.  If an enclave of super conservative fear mongering haters endured a natural disaster, I would still help them survive, no matter how repugnant their views.   (Well, not Nazis – see World War 2.)  Life is precious.  We help, we respect, we don’t pander for adulation for doing less than the most we can.  And we don’t tell people that surviving a hurricane is a problem for our budget.  We don’t compare it to other disasters and say it is really good.  And we don’t throw supplies into a crowd like beads at Mardi Gras.  I think we can agree that is disrespectful. Bigly.

Where was the caring in Puerto Rico?  The current president has done far less for Puerto Rico than he did for Florida or Texas.  Is that because Puerto Rico doesn’t vote for president? Is it because they are more liberal? Is it because they are Latino?  One thing is certain – the response was delayed, more lackadaisical, more self-aggrandizing and less effective in a far more devastated area.  But hey, this is the new normal right?  Personally, I’m glad Trump got in 36 holes and solid relaxation before he decided to start fixing to get ready relative to Puerto Rico.

We are supposed to be tolerant.  You might not be a Satanist, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want to kill them because they are.  You just let them be and move on with YOUR life.  But I’m sure you saw that the U.S. voted AGAINST a resolution condemning nations for issuing a death sentence for people who are LGBTQ (or gay, should you prefer to use that word).  With that vote, we can clearly say our current government ADVOCATES killing gay people.  They didn’t vote against it, so they must be for it.  Occam’s razor.  Scary shit gentle reader.

And in a similar vein, the Justice Department has now taken the position that businesses can fire employees for the offense of “being gay”.  Not only is this wrong, the Labor Department is on the other side of the case. The Justice Department just butted in and said, “Hey! Let’s make being gay a crime.”  Good thing everyone in the senate talked about what a really great (racist/bigoted) guy Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is.  Clearly this is the most important thing going on at the Justice Department.  This could be a great victory for biggots.

Remember after 9/11 how we didn’t want to talk about terrorism because it was too soon?  Or how we didn’t declare war three days later?  That’s right those things didn’t happen.  The conversation started immediately.  But we can’t talk about gun control today because it is too soon.  And by today I mean every day since there are shooting nearly every day.

The other thing that confuses is me is the realization that the NRA is running the country.  A majority of the country is in favor of stricter gun laws and background checks.  Let’s not get to specifics, but let’s agree there is plenty of room for improvement.  And support for more back ground checks is in the 90% range.  But remember, one of the first pieces of legislation passed this year was to allow severely mentally ill people to buy guns, by eliminating a background check.  This was important work by the GOP congress.

It is not even subtle.  Mitch “objector in chief” McConnell held up, nah let’s be honest he stole, a vacant Supreme Court seat until the NRA could approve.   Think about this.  The NRA has a bigger say in making laws than the voters.  I don’t recall seeing that in the constitution.

The current head of the DEA just resigned.  Why?  He said that he had become convinced that the president did not respect the rule of law.  Well, that seems normal and comforting, said no one ever.

But the bar keeps getting lower.  The Director of the Office of Government Ethics resigned because the current administration really didn’t care about ethics.  And then the administration didn’t promote the next in line, the dipped down several levels to pick some that had “looser standards”.  Well, that’s not troubling.  No wonder all the cabinet members are taking private planes while screaming their budgets need to be reduced.  For reference, a private flight can cost $15,000 while a commercial flight can cost $2-400 and many cases train would have sufficed for less than $100.  Just saying.

Meanwhile, the GOP pretends that the lack of ethics and corruption in the current administration is a mirage.  Russia didn’t interfere with our elections and the Trump family and campaign didn’t have anything to do with Russia.  Please don’t think about the various meetings that administrations officials “forgot” (I think I can get sued for using the word lie, so I won’t, but Fox News used the word lie) to mention.  And by various I mean lots and lots and lots.  Or the email accounts that are also forgotten until found.  Or the financial disclosures that have to be amended .  29 times by one account.  Not once or twice.  Nearly Thirty!  With signatures.  Perhaps by now it is even more.

But on the Brightside, we aren’t living in death camps.  Yet.

Remember, they want you to stop paying attention because you don’t care.  Care.  Pay attention.  Your freedom depends on it.

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  1. Mary

     /  October 4, 2017

    No one in our Congress even pretends anymore about being owned by corporations and money people. The Jones Act which is already smothering some places couldn’t be set aside after the disaster because “the shipping industry doesn’t want it set aside” I do what I can but do we really have a chance to change this horror story?


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