Out of the Shadows

No matter what we want to think, even racists’ know their views are repugnant to the majority of people and they worked hard to attempt to conceal their vile views.  The KKK wears hoods.  If they are proud of what they did, would they need hoods?  I think not.  Of course this tradition goes back well over 100 years, so they’ve known they are wrong for a long time.

More and more, swastikas are being painted on homes and synagogues.  But none of the artists stick around to claim their masterpieces.  Clearly they know what they are doing and what it stands for is wrong.  They hide like cockroaches.  And like cockroaches, they survive.

Even in prison, white supremacists and neo Nazis hide their colors to an extent.  While many do get swastika tattoos, others choose to hide their hate with “88” (H is the eight letter of the alphabet) or other less known symbols like the lightning bolts of the SS.  You’d think they’d all tattoo a swastika on their forehead a la Charles Manson.  Nope.  Like recognizes like, and others miss the obvious.

Now the patriots of the south are different.  They wave the battle flag of the south like evangelicals wear crosses.  Loud and proud.  Of course, they disguise their actions as “southern pride” instead of their faces.  And what is southern pride? It’s the joy of waving the flag symbolizing the joy of slavery in the faces of the descendants of slaves.  It’s intimidation and the threat of violence towards African Americans is coming and justified.  It’s the nostalgia, I mean hate, for a time when people were chattel and master could not rape property.  A time when a lynching was a raucous party.  Remember that and feel good.  I’m pretty sure that’s what that means.

Just the other day the illegitimate president of the united states started harassing four congresswomen of color.  And he perpetuated lies about them.  He encouraged a mob to rant a racist trope and then basked in the glory of that chant.  Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t have been more appalling  if they changed “heil hitler”.  It may as well have been that.

The chant, “send her back”, is clearly racist.  Our own government in its employment guidelines states that telling someone to go back where they came from is a firable offense and not to be tolerated.  Except if you are the illegitimate president of the united states, then you can spew hate and slander till the cows come home.

Just the other day a local business owner proudly claimed if you came to his restaurant and said “send her back” you’d get a free side dish.  No longer in the shadows, this owner is using hate to drive his business and will reward his customers if they hate too.  As this person got called out the “Next Door” application, there were still comments, with names of course, stating this man was great and he had new customers!

Hate has moved from the shadows to the mainstream.  The illegitimate president of the united states has made sure the parts of law enforcement and the FBI no long track white supremacist hate groups, allowing hate to grow unfettered.    While African Americans are killed by law enforcement in a shoot now, ask questions later environment (many are innocent of even the most basic misdemeanors – Philado Castille, Tamir Rice), white killers are apprehended gently and, in one horrific incident, take to Burger King for dinner.

We fought and won 2 wars over this blatant hate and racism.  And clearly in both cases we took for granted what was won.  Even Germany recognizes that the illegitimate president of the united states is a Nazi.  Now is not the time to put your head in the sand.  The wave of hate is growing. It has stepped out of the shadows and claimed the spotlight.  The cult of hate believes it is their time to shine and roll over those of us who value our nation’s diversity. It is only getting worse.  And more violent.  Much more violent.

Tippie Toe! Tippie Toe!

Tip toeing around racism.  It’s what we do isn’t it?  No one wants to call out a friend or loved one for being racist – or just as bad, racist adjacent do we?  Isn’t it better to just live and let live as Sir Paul once crooned?

Well, it depends.  Are you happy seeing racism and hate run out of the shadows to be ever present in our lives?  I know I’m not.  When white men marched in Charlottesville chanting “Jews won’t replace us!” did you think to yourself, those are some “might fine people”?  I’m sure many people did.  Even when one of those people ran their car into the counter protest injuring many and murdering one, I’m sure you were thinking “youthful shenanigans” not hate and surely not racism.

And when DHS started taking kids away from their parents at the border, I’m sure you thought it was justified.  After all those people shouldn’t have crossed the border illegally, seeking asylum in the US is just a sham and our borders need to be HARD.  Fun fact, crossing the border “illegally” is misdemeanor, no more criminal than jaywalking, not putting on your seatbelt or using your cell phone in your car.  But clearly those parents deserved to lose their children and the children deserved to be traumatized beyond any hope of normalcy.

But it is not racism if its on TV from our heroes is it?  Bill O’Reilly refers to the Black Lives Matter movement as a ploy to knock white men off their well earned perch of political dominance.  But that’s not racism.  Laura Ingrahm gives a “heil Hitler” salute to Donald Trump at the Republic National Convention, but that just playing.

Ann Coulter rants about “fucking Jews!”, but it doesn’t mean anything.   She was just saying what you were thinking.  After all, in 1965 Tom Lehrer wrote a song about National Brotherhood Week, which included the lyrics “and everyone hates the Jews!”  It’s not new, it’s chic.

Tucker Carlson goes on TV every night and proclaims inner truths we all know.  He says that immigrants don’t share OUR values and that Immigrants make the united states dirtier.  That’s not racism that is not hate, that’s the credo of Fox News.  Of course that is not news, is just an opinion.  Perhaps an opinion you share.

And on a near daily basis the illegitimate president of these united states says something new and racist, we become immune.  Just yesterday he took to his cellphone, probably while he was on the toilet, and told 4 Congresswomen of color to go back where they came from.  Let’s ignore that 3 were born here and the 4th immigrated at 3 and became a citizen at 17.  But that’s not racist.  God gave the US to the white man, everyone else (including those dirty Jews) are interlopers.  And we know the illegitimate president of the united states feels this way because is and hideous sons are always retweeting and giving a spotlight to the racist and anti-Semitic elements in the country.

But, in brighter news, racism is gone.  Hate doesn’t exist.  Why else would the federal government have eliminated the parts of the law enforcement that track and work to diffuse white supremacy organizations?  When a brown person kills people it’s a crime and terrorism, when a white person does worse, it is a troubled, perhaps mentally ill soul.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Enjoy your day.  Keep your blinders on.  Tip Toe around your loved ones who support those mentioned here (and so many more).  Feel good in your relationships.  But, understand – you are part of the problem.  Your give freedom and tacit approval to the racists in your orbit.  Me, I’m ruffling feathers, I’m speaking out.  Your comfort is not my worry.  Unless we truly want this country to be the 4th Reich, do the right thing, not the easy thing.

I won’t spend money with companies that advertise on Fox News. I use the power of my wallet – so should you.  I won’t spend money at companies that hide behind religion to oppress women and the LGBTQ (are you listening Hobby Lobby and Chik-fil-et?)  I won’t travel to Georgia or Alabama.  I won’t support those that do business there.

I have my voice.  I won’t let racism and hate be comfortable in my presence. If you tell me you’re not a racist, but you support those that do, is there really a difference?  If you have a shelf full of books by Ann Coulter or Tucker Carlson, aren’t you supporting racism? Aren’t you funding hate? You are in my opinion.

Every day I look in the mirror and try to be better.  I have to be able to be honest with myself.  I’m not perfect, but I’m trying.  Are you?