This is just a place to get my thoughts out and pretend I can write.  This might have been brilliant if I beat Jerry Seinfeld to it, but alas I’m late and only marginally original.

My mind works differently than most.  Remember that college couse where the professor went “A, B, Q, T, F. Z”  instead of A-Z.  Yeah, that one.  I did really well in it.  When they went A-Z I got bored and missed things.  I know my wires are crossed.  Hopefully, that adds topics of interest for you.

It would easy to ramble on about my garden, my cooking, music, A Song of Ice and Fire or Lambchop.   Instead I’ll purposely try to stay away from those topics, but not completely.

Meanwhile, the penguin on your television is about explode. 🙂

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