Food Travels

Here’s a great place to see where We (mostly Lambchop and I, but sometimes just me) have dined.  I like to use Diners, Drive-ins and Dives or Man vs. Food as inspiration in my menus.  I try to get to places.  Most of this is from memory, it will become more standardized in the future.


The Golden Bear Bar 12/6/2012 -> I had the Juicy Lucy Burger — as seen on TV!  It was to die for.  It is now a destination burger.  The house special Manhatten made with Jameson’s and a flamed orange peel was fabulous and at $5.50, a steal!  Highly Recommended

Gatsby’s Diner – Sacramento 12/5/2012 ->  The vanilla bean brined, coffee smoked pork chop caught my eye on TV.  It was a bit dry with hints of interesting flavors. How do you dry out a brined piece of meat? The burgers, which looked good from a far, were not tasted.  The Elvis Milkshake was really really really good.  I’ll go back and try a burger.  This place isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t make special trip based on the last meal.

Santa Cruz Diner – Santa  Cruz 5/26/2012 ->  My salmon was fresh and cooked perfect.  The horseradish sauce was nothing special.  Lambchop’s Asian stew had nothing Asian about it and the meat and carrots were too big to eat and not fork tender.  The Spring rolls were great.  Huge menu with way too many choices.  I’m thinking this is a burger and eggs place.

HRD Coffee Shop – San Francisco 5/19/2012 -> loved the Mongolian Cheese Steak Sandwich.  Need to try to scrambles and softshell crab.

Q – San Francisco -> Recommended

Joes Cable Car – San Francisco-> Recommended

Tommy’s Joynt  – San Francisco -> A classic – ate there again on 7/8. Love the Roast Round of Beef.

Dotties True Blue Cafe  – San Francisco -> an all time favorite that predates Triple D.  They’ve moved to 6th Street. Must go soon!

Rocco’s  – San Francisco -> Recommended.  Eat at the counter and watch the kitchen.  Try to remember, Rocco’s isn’t open on Sunday for dinner.

Grubsteak  – San Francisco -> Recommended.  Open till 4am.

Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe – Emeryville and Oakland -> recommended.  Open til 1am nightly.  My lunch hangout.

900 Grayson – Berkeley -> Recommended.  Enjoy a burger on the Patio

Jim Denny’s- Sacramento – Its been sold. Its ok, but nothing special

Guisti’s – Walnut Grove -> Recommended.  The BEST Fried Chicken I have ever had.  Of course, I’m a novice here. Mom never made it.

Louie’s Basque Corner – Reno ->  Get your ass to Reno! Great food. Great atmosphere, huge value.

Gold ‘n Silver Inn – Reno -> Not worth the trip to Reno. But, if  you need a late night meal, the tri tip sandwich is good.  Otherwise <shrug>

Meal Ticket – Berkeley -> Recommended

La Texanita – Santa Rosa, CA -> Recommended

Gott’s Roadside Attraction (was Taylors Automatic Refresher) – St. Helena, San Francisco, Napa -> if you haven’t been, go already!

Johnny Garlic’s – Dublin -> Recommended. far more impressed than I expected.

Jimtown Store – Geyserville -> Recommended

Willie Bird’s – Santa Rosa -> Recommended. You don’t have to be turkey junkie to love Willie Bird’s.  But it helps.

Bette’s Ocean View Diner – Berkeley – Recommended.  I started going in college.  You haven’t lived till you’ve Bette’s Soufle’ Pancake. omg good.

Original Falafel Drive-in – San Jose ->  Recommended.  When you want falafel, go here. Now!

Aunt Mary’s Cafe – Oakland -> Highly Recommended. I’m upset I don’t drive to work only because I can’t get there now at lunch.  Shrimp & Grits with Tabasco Gravy and bacon. ’nuff said

Squeeze In – Galt -> Good Burgers with crispy cheesy (because there is so darned much).  Great if you are driving by, no special trip warranted.

Man vs. Food

Iguana’s – San Jose -> other than a really big burrito, nothing special. go to the Mission.

Hash House-a-go-go – Las Vegas (in the IP) -> Recommended. Go hungry, leave full.  With leftovers.  Have a Bacon Bloody Mary. mmmmm

Henry’s World Famous Hi-Life – San Jose –  Everyone needs to go once.  Then you can decide.

Food Trucks & Others

Roli Roti –  I have had their chicken a few time and it was hit and miss.  BUT, if you can find them serving their Porchetta sandwich, you need to try it.  It was fantastic, a great mix of salty, sweet (carmelized onions), spicy (arugula) and crunch (mmm that skin).  Highly Recommended.

Twister Truck – a new twist on Mexican food.  My shredded pork torta was to die for.  I think I”m eating more tortas.  You should too.  Highly Recommended (11/29/2012)

Sweet Treat Stop Truck – omg the Salted Caramel cupcake was to die for.  Highly Recommended.

Marianne’s Ice Cream – Santa Cruz 5/26/2012 ->  Why did I wait 50 years? get there and enjoy it. now!

510 Burger one of my favorite burgers.  Add bacon and egg, yum. and you know they catered my birthday party if you got this far.  Highly Recommended. UPDATE:  Finally got the cynical guy at work to recognize this as GREAT burger.  Cheers Roland! (Roland owns 510)

The Chairman Truck – Finally found these guys at the Alameda Antiques Faire.  The coca cola braised pork was to die for. Highly Recommended

Liba Falafel – I would eat here everyday if I needed to be a vegetarian. So damned good.  Run to this delicious truck.

Steatery – I had the brisket sandwich with carmelized onions.  It was really good.  The sweet potato and yam chips weren’t.  could be they needed to be eaten when hot and I waited to long.  I still want to try other things on their menu.

CupKates – Who doesn’t love a mango cupcake? UPDATE:  The Caramel Apple I had on 9/6/12 was amazing.

Suzie Q’s Lunchbox – Meh.  Pulled pork was overly pulled to a texture of… something else.  The gumbo was ok, but nothing special.  I’ll eat there when I have no other choices.


Frontera Grill – Rick Bayless is a genius.  Get their early and wait in line.  If you want Chile Relleno, they only make 12 on Thursdays for dinner. We had lunch.  I’m still stoked.

Dragon Ranch BBQ and Saloon – great “white whiskey” themed drinks.  Excellent BBQ.    Very fun, highly recommended.

Intelligensia Coffee – Thank god I found this place (thank you cute waitress with great penmanship!)  I feared missing Peet’s and Modern, but now there is a rival for my heart.  A modern hip vibe that would fit in next door to Ritual in the Mission.  Baristas in skinny jeans and skinny ties couldn’t ruin my coffee high.  Great stuff.

Quartino’s – Italian Tapas – they handled a group of 30 of us with aplomb and then served excellent Italian tapas.  at $35 each with half drinking wine, it was a bargain.  GO!  NOW!

Cafe Descartes –  Better than Starbucks, but not by much.  Excellent vibe and nice staff. <shrug>

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