Lee Makes Tan Tan (or Dan Dan) Noodles

So, I did this during week 4 of Shelter in Place.  I did not feel like getting the wok out, so I made this in a brasier of appropriate size.  Clearly, if I had done it in a wok, I’d have used an oil with a much higher smoke point.  I’d have probably used appropriately Asian noodles. While I have Ramen noodles in the freezer and most every recipe I was via Google was Ramen based, I wanted a meal on a plate, not a soup.  

Please keep in mind all amounts are approximate, i cook by feel

1 lb ground pork
¼ cup Chunky Peanut Butter
3T Gochujang
⅓ cup Soy Sauce
1tsp Toasted Sesame Oil
1T Sambal
1 Jalapeno, chopped finely
5 cloves garlic, minced
1T Ginger, chopped finely
¼ cup cilantro, chopped
1 green onion, slicked.  White and light green separated from the dark green portion
1 lb noodles (I used bucatini during Shelter in Place)
Oil for cooking (I use olive oil, any neutral oil would also work)

Add water to a pan for the noodles.  (I used a saute pan because I wanted the water to be super starchy for the sauce.)  Add the noodles to the cold water and turn on the heat (I know, trust me.)

Heat the pan on medium high and add a few Tablespoons of oil.

Brown the meat in the oil.   Break up the pork as it cooks to smaller pieces and cook until some of the smaller bits have  browned. Drain the fat from the pork.

Return the pan to the heat and add 1T of oil.  Sautee the ginger and jalapeno for about 2-3 minutes until fragrant.

Add the garlic and white/light green portion of the onion and cook for another 30-60 seconds.  Return the pork to the pan and turn the pan down to medium. MIx the pork and the aromatics.

Add the soy sauce and mix to combine.  Let it reduce down a bit, then add in the Sesame Oil

Add in the Gochujang and Sambal and stir to combine.

After a few minutes, add in the peanut butter and stir to combine.  It will take 3-4 minutes to melt and form the sauce. Add in most of the cilantro and peanuts at this point.  Reserve some of each for garnish.

By now the past should be almost done.  Add in pasta water to the sauce, in ¼ cup increments.  Let it reduce it down a bit and add more to the consistency you’d like

When the noodles are done, use tongs to move to a bowl.  (don’t drain, don’t rinse). Top with the sauce and garnish with cilantro and peanuts.  Show it off, then mix in front of everyone 🙂

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